Product Range

The VivoMega product range offers a wide selection of different EPA and DHA combinations, with total Omega-3 content of up to 90 percent.





mg/g (min) as EE/TG


mg/g (min) as EE/TG


mg/g (min) as EE/TG

3322 EE/TG * 300 200  600
3624 EE/TG * 360 240  600
1050 TG * 100 500 670
4020 EE/TG * 400 200 660
4030 EE/TG * 400 300 750
4618 EE 460 180 700
5003 TG  500 30 600
60 DHA EE/TG ** 10 600 650
70 DHA Ultra TG/EE ** 30 700 820


 * Also available as Premium 90% TG

** TG form only available as 90% TG. 

Joint health illustration

High EPA

Several studies show that the lubricating benefits of omega-3 lipids may increase joint mobility while reducing the joint discomfort and fatigue associated with strenuous exercise*

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Balanced EPA/DHA

DHA and EPA support heart health by helping maintain blood pressure already within the normal range* and reduces the body’s ability to manufacture and store triglycerides*

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Brain health illustration

High DHA

DHA is a structural and protective component of the cellular membrane of the brain, nerve cells, and light-sensitive retina layer of the eye*

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Customized Products

In addition to our standard products, GC Rieber Oils are proud to offer a wide range of customized products. We customize Omega-3 content, EPA/DHA ratio, special analysis, oxidation and trace environmental parameters.

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